Creating Customer Experience!

When people create businesses, they often become too focused on the product their selling and the marketing of their business. Regardless of what your business sells, you need to focus on constructing a positive customer experience. The idea is to create an environment that customers will enjoy and become emotiomally attached too.             

So, how do you create a customer experience that will help your business? It is a little more complicated than just telling your employees to have a smile on their face and be friendly to the customers. You need to actually have a plan on implementing a unique customer service technique into your business. The customer experience should be an important element of your business plan. How will customer interact with your business? What visual experiences will you construct? What mood will you create?  Everything from the paint on the walls to the designs on the plastic bags can all play a valuable role in formulating a customer experience. The idea is to get your customers thinking about your business as much as possible.

Where would McDonalds be without the golden arch logo? Everyone that thinks of McDonalds thinks about those golden arches. How about the employees at Firehouse Subs who greet you as soon as you walk in the door? These kinds of customer experiences were all planned out by company leaders and they are why people keep coming back.