About Us

Endukt is a young, innovative service design consultancy who specialises in the aviation and supply chain sectors. We understand the value of relationships and work closely with our clients using design and systems thinking methodology. We believe that systems are not the sum of all their parts, but in fact the product of their interactions.

We focus on how things fit together and the resultant implications for teams, organisations, societies, nations and mankind. Design and systems thinking we believe are important techniques for understanding and dealing with complexity and change.

We value strongly

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Equity
  • Diversity

and our

  • Independence

At Endukt we believe that creative resolutions to problems or issues should look for an improved future result. By using empathy to the context of a problem, fostering creativity in the generation of insights and a little rationality we can assist your organisation to fit solutions to the context.