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Research is a systematic investigation of different phenomena and relationships to describe and make conclusions. Usually, it is conducted through the use of questionnaires, observation, and participation among others in various fields such as cultures. It aims at educating on relevant study areas, instituting facts, support and expounding on the previous work. Research is categorized into various forms like; scientific, humanities, social, business, marketing, technological and various others. Useful research needs proper planning to facilitate accurate results, that is, specify research purpose, research methods, and resources and target group of the research. Research is the primary tool for improvement, especially in organizations.

What is Research?

Research is categorized into Applied and Basic Research. Applied science encompasses the practical application of the basic research concepts. It uses the knowledge and a technique of pure research on various factors like technology and incorporates them into daily activities like the business and organizational management. On the other hand, aims at enhancing a better understanding of a field of study such as theories, natural phenomena among others by creating more ideas which are used in applied research. This research mainly seeks on making different concepts understandable though it does not solve them in the real world.
Applied research is mainly used to solve problems and enhance effectiveness in management, technology, marketing strategies among others. It is employed in various disciplines like health care services to help cure diseases, also in improving cyber security, solving unemployment problems, improving the economy, and boosting education among others. University graduates mainly use basic research, government to gather more information on various disciplines like technology theories primarily to facilitate innovations, affirm the previous ideas.

Research as a Management Tool

Research is the best management tool in an entity. In cases where a new administration has taken control of an organization, studying on the previous management cultures, marketing strategy, and organizational interactions, production, and financial processes are important. This research mainly aims at improving the team to boost sales. Adopting new habits mostly tends to be slow and takes the time to be active leading to collapse of an organization. Research helps identify previous strengths to be maintained and weaknesses to improve on.
Firstly, research helps an entity determine their potential customers and develop the relationship with them. Provision of what customers want raises demand making more sales. Secondly, it helps an entity thrive in the competitive market. Having customer loyalty and adopting innovative cultures in management influences market compared to other organizations. Lastly, research enhances assessment of different departments’ performance including the finance, production, marketing and even management. This evaluation aims at identifying strength and weaknesses improving on them.
In conclusion, research is the primary development tool in many sectors of an economy. Both the basic and applied research shapes the outlook of organizations act facilitating their success.
Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Motivate Others https://endukt.com/using-maslows-hierarchy-of-needs-to-motivate-others/ Fri, 30 Jun 2017 07:49:01 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9102

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Motivate Others

It is always critical to recognize what motivates the actions as well as, behaviors in people, since part of the structure for effective motivation entails a person’s mind-set. Abraham Maslow posited that needs are categorized in sequentially from the lowest to highest, and as every need is satisfied, the needs in the subsequent level begin to establish the person’s behavior and as a result, the actions. This means that, in the event that the need at the lowest level is satisfied the individual is motivated to progress onto the subsequent level of need up to the time that the new level is also satisfied. This extensively recognized hypothesis is referred to as the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model. The 5 fundamental needs in the hierarchy model include; safety needs physiological needs, belonging/love needs, esteem needs, as well as self-actualization needs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model is usually depicted in a hierarchical pyramid that has 5 levels. The 4 needs at the lower-order are considered as being physiological needs, whereas the needs at the top level are considered as being growth needs (Maslow, 1970). According to the theory, the needs at the lower level requireto be met before the needs at the higher-order may influence behavior. These levels are as shown in the pyramid, in Figure 1 below;
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Source (Greenberg, 2008).
Physiological needs entail the desire for includes air, water, food, sleep, sex, and shelter. These are usually the most fundamental needs that need to be met first. An individual will not progress on to the subsequent level up the pyramid until these fundamental needs and desires are met (Maslow, 1970).
The next level entails of the desire for stability, safety, as well as the absence of discomfort.  Individuals at this level value their jobs principally as a way to circumvent the loss of their basic needs. Subsequent to the satisfaction of the initial two levels, the individual will shifts their focal point to the third level. This is the need for belonging and love, whereby, the desire of the individual revolves around developing acquaintances, finding love, as well as a sense of belonging to a group. Individuals motivated by association are focused on creating as well as maintaining new relations with other individuals (Lindner, 2003).
The forth level of needs entails the desire for self-worth, achievement, as well as recognition. At this level, many workers fail in search of needs accomplishment. At this point, leaders and managers can have a great impact in assisting employees accomplish their needs relating to esteem (Myers, 2005).
The fifth and final level focuses on an individual accomplishing their full potential.  The majority of people do not attain this level until some time late in their life, although some individuals never attain this level. Managers may assist in an employee’s desire to acquire this level through involving an employee in designing jobs, generating unique assignments for the worker, and giving the employee the independence to plan, execute, and make the necessary decisions concerning their job (Antomioni, 2009).
The three levels at the lowest end in this model are known as deficiency needs. They are necessary in order to assist in appropriate development both mentally and physically. The needs at the highest levels in the model are considered as growth needs that facilitate the individual grow as well as develop into a successful human being. Several scholars believe that Maslow’s theory has some practical implication as well as application in the following manner.
Physiological needs may be considered in judgment that concern lighting, space, as well as overall working environment; safety in regard to vocational practice; love in relation to forming organized groups at the workplace; esteem through recognition and responsibility, and lastly, self-actualization in regard to opportunities for challenging and creative tasks and jobs (Vroom, 2004).


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What is Service Learning? https://endukt.com/what-is-service-learning/ Fri, 30 Jun 2017 07:33:05 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9099 Service Learning so what exactly is it?
Service learning is one of the components that help people gain exceptional skills in community service. It is a tutoring and learning strategy which integrates meaningful community provision. Its aim is to provide instruction and reflection which would enrich the learning experience, teach civil responsibility, and strengthen communities. For most people, the desire to engage in activities that assist the society is realized through volunteer undertakings.

Why Service Learning?

In my case, I helped to prepare different activities organized by the various clubs of Miami Dade North Campus. I decided to do service learning at this place since I would have an opportunity to interact with students from diverse backgrounds. I believed that interaction with scholars would assist me to comprehend the various struggles which learners undergo in the pursuit of goal accomplishment. Further, my desire to do service learning in the institution was driven by the aspiration to involve students in community activities. Markedly, such students can apply the experience to their academic and personal development. I got interested in the region since I loved being in a classroom setting and wanted to work in a new environment. The fact that I was doing the services in an area occupied by students was crucial since it could impact the scholars’ academic learning. Moreover, the move would help the learners to apply in real life what they have studied in the classroom in a manner that assists them to achieve their dreams.

Service Learning a Positive Impact

A positive impact directed on academic outcomes such as demonstrated complexity of understanding, problem analysis, and critical thinking is necessary for enhancing an individual’s personal identity, spiritual growth, and moral development (Hunt & Colander, 2016). Therefore, my decision to involve students in service learning will enhance greater academic achievement, leadership skills, and the accomplishment of lifetime opportunities.

I volunteered in the student life department at Miami Dade College where I was mostly involved in activities involving aspects of transitional change for the youth. In particular, I helped prepare activities for students to go and interact as well as join clubs such as sports to enhance talent development. The aim of the project was to ensure a positive transformation of the youngsters in the society so that each student could achieve his/her career aspiration. In most cases, learners fail to succeed in life due to peer pressure and other immoral behaviors such as drug and substance abuse (Hunt & Colander, 2016).
However, assisting the scholars with advice which focuses on real-life situations is necessary since it helps them see the positive aspects of life. In this case, they are likely to work hard to achieve their desires. My project was related to the social environment class since it was connected with the performance of social services to students. The aim of the undertaking was to improve learners socially and intellectually.

Growing through Service Learning

Conclusively, service learning project is one of the components which help people to grow in the social and intellectual perspective. My project involved assisting students at Miami Dade North Campus. In the process, I contributed to the improvement of the students’ academic performance by engaging them in real-life experiences. Also, I helped them with the formation of skills such as problem analysis and critical thinking which are necessary for a person’s moral development. Therefore, I believe that my project was beneficial to scholars who are keen to accomplish a lot in their lives.


Hunt, Elgin F., & David C. Colander. Social Science: An Introduction to the Study of Society. New York: Routledge, 2016
Qualities of an Effective Supervisor https://endukt.com/qualities-of-an-effective-supervisor/ Sun, 25 Jun 2017 03:59:06 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9095 Qualities of an Effective Supervisor
You got yourself promoted and you are over the moon about it. In any case it is through sheer hard work that you have gotten to where you are and it’s everyone’s dream to see their work bear fruits. The promotion comes with extra responsibilities but you are not very sure about your administration skills since this is a totally new post for you. Furthermore, some of the people who will be under you are colleagues whom you have been working with at the same level and you have to maintain their friendship while being their administrator. You really want to be an efficient administrator; one who ensures the job is done, while keeping a highly motivated team.
As much as you certainly have the requisite technical skills for your job, as indicated by your promotion, you will require the following extra skills in order to become an effective supervisor too.

Emotional Intelligence

An effective administrator is one who provides leadership, arbitrates in conflicts as well as lends a listening ear to their team. Such a person is aware of own emotions in any circumstance, notices the emotions of others, empathizes with others and has excellent social skills. Emotional intelligence is a crucial skill in modern workplace administration where there are wide-ranging teams and situation that call for a delicate work-life balance.

Ability to Learn

In spite of the fact that you are the team leader, you will definitely not know everything. A good leader is one who is always trying to learn more new things as well as encourage team members to do the same. In today’s world whereby technology has made self-learning quite easy, learning should be a continuous process and any efficient leader must always share new knowledge with the team he/she leads.

Easy to Talk To

The days of having aloof and unapproachable bosses, whose secretaries made it even more difficult to see, are long gone. Contemporary workplace teams need very close working associations. As the supervisor, there is every need to nurture a good working relationship with the members towards achievement of your collective goals.

Political Influence

As much as many people frown upon office politics, having political influence is being able to not only rallying people in pursuing a common cause but achieving the set goals as well. Sometimes, you might face the hard duty of persuading your team members to execute an undesirable job or ensuring the implementation of an unwelcome company policy. In such situations, you will need persuasive skills that will influence your team members to be open to the idea. This will definitely require smart political skills.

Delegating Ability

Any effective leader should be in a position to easily delegate tasks to people who have the requisite skills of handling them. This makes the most of the team’s talents, cultivates good skills for those allocated the work and ensures that tasks are executed efficiently within the right timeframe. Delegating work to your team members also exhibits that you have confidence in them hence boosting their morale as well as their ability to learn fresh skills. A good leader lets his team members to innovatively find solutions any problems without necessarily micromanaging them. Above all, delegation of duties gives you enough time to concentrate on the most significant tasks.


Various circumstances need different approaches and any good supervisor will come up with ingenious and exceptional solutions to exceptional problems. Being versatile enough to devise new tactics of managing every emerging situation enables you to grow superb problem-solving skills. This accords your team enough confidence to trust you when it comes to solving any emerging challenges.

Give Unambiguous, Well-Timed, Effectual, Regular Communication

Any supervisory role entails lots of communication involving expectations, changes in the company, as well as targets. A team must be kept intact through regular communication. The manager plays the role of always keeping the team members in the loop. Good emergency management skills come quite in handy, whereby any rumors are dispensed with efficiently, in good time and appropriately.

Treat Team Members as Equal Partners

Being the boss doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to act bossy. Juniors always like it when you treat them like partners, ensuring that they play a role in strategy-making processes, instead of always barking orders at them. Giving them a chance to take charge of their tasks bolsters team spirit hence boosting collaboration.

Avoids Favoritism

Having favorite members in a team comes naturally. However, this might not please all your teammates, especially when you are boss. It creates divisions in your team as well as weakens your authority. Try to be neutral always, even when you might have some favorite members. Leadership demands proper resolution of disputes in an impartial manner. If your team members trust you to make impartial decisions, their trust and respect for you soars.

Principled and Dependable

You must be a good role model to your team members for them to respect and trust you. An effective leader is principled and can be trusted to come up with the right decisions, even when they are unpleasant. If you are unethical, the respect of your members gradually wanes, hence weakening your authority.
Finally, an effective administrator is one who provides leadership and keeps the team intact. He/she is one who owns superb communication skills, is reliable, impartial, versatile, and able to delegate with ease. A leader must also be open to learning and respects their juniors. In a world where teamwork is key to success, a good leader must find exceptional ways of keeping the team intact and rallying it towards one common cause.
Best Ways Employees Can Help An Employer In Hiring Smarter https://endukt.com/best-ways-employees-can-help-an-employer-in-hiring-smarter/ Sun, 25 Jun 2017 03:50:05 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9092 Hiring Smarter
It is a very foreign concept that employers would want to ask for help from their employees when they are looking to hire new faces to their organization. But in most cases, the employees are the ones that can help the employer to higher smarter since they already know the inner working of the said company and know exactly what is needed. By ignoring the help from employees, this will make employers likely to lose out on a person that would have been a great asset to the company and as such their input should never be ignored. Long gone are the days when employees help was only to run the company, and the referral they give was only to put in a good word for someone they know.
Here are some ways employees can help an employer to hire smarter.

Raising Awareness Of The Vacancy

The one thing that attracts all the types of people searching for a job to a particular company is when they know there is a vacancy. People need to get the information about the vacancy before they can apply for the job. This is where employees can come in handy for entrepreneurs as they would create the awareness that is needed so as to help the employer find the best talent for the job. If the employees of a company don’t know that the company is hiring, then the level of awareness will most certainly go down than if they knew.

Showing The Outsiders the Picture Of What It Is Like To Work For The Company

If there is anything like PR for hiring, then there are no people that an employer can get to do the job for them other than the employees they already have. When a potential employee walks by one of the employees they should have that hunger to work for the company because of how they see the employees who work there are. Employers can also try and create a YouTube channel and illustrate to the world what is like to work for them if the deal is right and the employees are happy then chances of attracting top new talents will not be a problem for them.

Rewarding The Employees Who Refer Top Performers

If an employee refers another employee to the employer and they get the job and afterward perform exceptionally well at it then the employee who made the referral should be rewarded. This will give the other employees the incentive to refer some of the best talents they know to the employer hence making sure competitors don’t get them first. When an employer invests and devotes that much effort to the employees, they will always be assured to get the best talents every single time they have a vacancy. The team that the entrepreneur has will always feel the need to help out with their connections if they feel the employer appreciates their value to them.


Whenever there is a vacancy, the employees should be the first people that company tells as this will help in saving resources most of the time. The employees should never be brushed aside when the company is looking for the new talent as they can be the difference between a company getting the best talent and them ending up with someone who is simply good enough. Also, the employer should always seek to reward the employees who refer to them the best talents that are out there at the moment and make them feel they are appreciated.
Sins Of Hiring https://endukt.com/sins-of-hiring/ Sun, 25 Jun 2017 03:39:45 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9089 Hiring Mistakes

Some people are fast moving to the entrepreneurship field because more and more people are today more comfortable in following their passions. The best job that one can do is one they are passionate about and love it. Coupled with that kind of job bringing in rewards at the end of the day is one reason many especially young people are moving to the entrepreneurship market today. But, as much as entrepreneurship brings some advantages to the people involved it also brings some challenges. One challenge that is almost every entrepreneur has experienced is when it comes to hiring new talent to their company.

There are some things that any person can do when hiring and end up with the best talent or the worst considering which way they choose. Sometimes the methods give the entrepreneur the best talents, but they can’t get to hire the person because a competitor lured them before they joined. It can be a slippery slope when it comes to hiring new talents, and there are a thing that people should do when they are looking to hire people in their organization and not be piped to the catch by a competitor.

Taking A Backseat In The Hiring Process

Many entrepreneurs are very busy people because despite having to manage their company they also in most cases have families to take care of. Between that some things that they have to do on a daily basis they rarely have time to spare. Some of them will, however, go a notch higher by leaving the recruitment of new staff to their company to others. However, that shouldn’t be the case as they should take the front seat when it comes to recruiting since it is a very delicate task for the company and the company doesn’t want to end up with someone that is simply just good enough. The main focus of hiring should be to get the best talent that is out there, and the entrepreneur needs to take time off their busy schedule to make sure that talent that has been recruited is the best.

Overlooking Employee Referrals

When an employee recommends someone to the employer most of the employers seem to overlook this person simply because they think the employee may be just trying to put in a good word for someone they know. But, that shouldn’t be the case as a reference, especially from a stellar employee, may be just the way to get the best telnet that is out there. The employee knows the inner running’s of the company and as such would be able to provide the company with the best fit when referring. The employee referrals should be treated with the special treatment it deserves.

Falling For The Good Talker

The one part that most people have realized when hiring especially for the first time is that the best talker may not always be the best fit for the job. The candidate that seems to take everyone by a storm with their charisma and charm ends up being the one person that turns out to be the poor candidate. But, that is not to say that all the best talkers are necessarily poor when it comes to doing the job. Sometimes they must be the best fit. However, the smart must be taken with a lot of care, and the employer should be wary about hiring such a person.

Hiring Job Hoppers

Job hoppers are the riskiest people to employ because no one knows when they will leave the job to the next one. However, on the market today it is tough to define a job hopper because of some reasons. One of them is can you define someone as being a job hopper because they jumped from one –three or four jobs within ten years or less? Maybe the working conditions of the workplaces they have been havingn’t been favorable to them and with more people looking for employment in places they are most comfortable in one can’t blame them. That is not to not to go without saying that the job hoping type shouldn’t be hired with a very watchful eye since they may leave if the conditions don’t favor them or if they find a lucrative offer somewhere else.


Every employee is different, and the best way that one can find the best fit their company when employing is when they do their research well and consider advice from others, the recruitment process should be treated with the respect and special nature it requires. Employers should take time off when they are recruiting so as to make sure they employ the right person for the job and ensure that they don’t end up with the good enough type but the best there is in the market.
Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Learn https://endukt.com/marketing-tips-every-entrepreneur-should-learn/ Sun, 25 Jun 2017 03:04:19 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9086 All along in the business world entrepreneurs have always tried to find the best ways to get their businesses in front of an audience that would be potential customers. Marketing isn’t something that started a few years back as most people would like to think. There have been ways that people marketed their products long before this error of technology. Some of these methods have been borrowed to this day and age that technology is looking like it is taking over the world. The internet, for example, is one the ways that people use to market their products and services today, and that is thanks to the technological advancements that have happened across the globe in recent years. But as much as the internet has taken over, there are still some people who prefer an entrepreneur to woe them for them to employ their services. In some cases, after a customer has checked out the web for the kind of product or service they want they start vetting the best by calling them for meetings to see their marketing strategy.
So what are the best marketing tips that any entrepreneur can use almost to ensure they get the business they want?

Resist The Urge To Arrive Late

Contrary to what people see in the movies most businesses would want to find the entrepreneur in the office early setting up other than wait for the entrepreneur. Also, as the first person in the meeting, the entrepreneur will find enough time to set up their pitch and survey the surrounding and also be able to find out if there will be challenges like lighting, electricity if they will be using a projector. The entrepreneur will also find that the place is much calmer and will give a good place to be able to think.

Sharing Passion

When an entrepreneur is pitching a product to different people from different groupings then by them sharing their passions with the people, this will easily convince the potential customers how passionate they are about the service or product. Sometimes, and it seems cliché but sharing a heartwarming story of how they got to the business will leave a lasting impression on the audience, and they will want to buy into the idea and hire the services or buy the goods on sale.


The most overlooked but still the most important part of marketing is a simple smile when pitching. By smiling, one will see them at ease with the situation and also will enable the customers to feel the product isn’t a bother to the entrepreneur. The smile will also invite more and more people to –let’s say the stand where the entrepreneur is selling-.

Following Up

Marketing is where the conversation begins and not where it should end. When the entrepreneur starts a conversation with a potential customer, it is good for them to make sure that they follow up on the customer so as to make sure that if the product was bought, it is to the satisfaction of the consumer. If not then they should find what the consumer wants and make the necessary upgrades that were needed.


Marketing as stated before is where the conversation begins in every business relationship so the first appearance and interaction should be one that will have a lasting impression on the potential customer so as to have them buy the product and afterwards come back for more if they need and also in some cases it may win the entrepreneur referrals from the people that were impressed by the pitch.
Open-ended questions, an excellent business strategy https://endukt.com/open-ended-questions-an-excellent-business-strategy/ Sat, 24 Jun 2017 11:59:03 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9084 Open Ended Questions or Closed Questions?

We all know what are open-ended and closed-ended questions? Or do we? Open-ended questions are becoming more popular than closed-ended questions today. Today our article is about the open-ended questions strategy and how it affects business marketing.

Allows numerous numbers of possible answers

Open-ended questions allow respondents more place to write anything they feel about the product or service. Through open-ended questions, anybody could be able to inform their problems relevant the product or service. Through the open-ended strategy feedback, a product or service can be improved by knowing whether it is going correctly or not.

Allows getting more details

It allows getting more details relevant the product or service. As open-ended questions have no limited place, consumers become more flexible to write its details. It imparts more details to the service provider. Thus, service providers can take decisions for the overall well-being of the business.

Analyze something you didn’t anticipate

All this freedom to give any answer, of any length and with any degree of detail, the method that you’ll every so often find out something completely precise and sudden amongst your survey responses. Whether it’s a technique innovation that’ll store the enterprise cash or a marketing concept with the capacity to reinforce your logo, those unanticipated answers can be extraordinarily treasured.

Get good enough answers to complicated issues

An open-ended question is the most effective manner to gather the answers you need. In a state of affairs that calls for contextualization, complicated description and rationalization, an easy sure/No or multiple-desire answer just won’t cut it. When you’re asking someone to explain a selection or report a problem, for example, open-ended questions generally tend to work satisfactorily.

Encourage innovative answers and self-expression

If you give a lot of space for writing their thoughts, a few respondents will marvel you with their eloquence and creativity. An open-ended query frees respondents to convey their comments and thoughts to you in their very own voices. You may also receive survey answers in unexpected formats, together with poetry, or a hyperlink to a blog publish your respondent wrote on the topic in a query.

Understand how your respondents assume

Free-shape written answers screen a fantastic deal about the workings of the respondent’s thoughts. From the critical common sense of their reasoning and the stairs of their questioning process to their language picks and frame of reference, there’s a big quantity you can learn from reading their mind of their own phrases.

Ask without knowing

The large problem with closed questions is that to layout them into your survey, you’ll need to understand kind of what solutions you anticipate. In case you’re trying out a speculation, as an example, it’s easy enough to provide you with suitable answer alternatives with a purpose to assist or refute it. However using open-ended questions lets you explore topics you don’t yet realize sufficient approximately to form a speculation.

Definitely, there are some advantages also of open-ended questions. You should know what you want from respondents, a short answer or a detailed answer. Sometimes the open-ended questions are very embarrassing as the product or service need no detailed feedbacks. Still, open-ended question strategy is considered an excellent technique to promote a business to a great extent.

37 Free Ways to Market Your Business https://endukt.com/37-free-ways-to-market-your-business/ Sat, 24 Jun 2017 11:47:44 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9077 Marketing your Business

Start up entrepreneurs never have as much money as they’d like to have in the bank.  I mean, really, it’s every entrepreneurs dream to build a business and then magically have people flock to it.  Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

So you’ve gotta get creative on how to get the word about your business. Keep in mind, it takes a combination of strategies to really be effective at promoting your products and services.  If you’re stuck, here’s 37 ways on how to market your business for free, or for a pretty inexpensive price.

  1. Create an eye catching website
  2. Build a brand that focuses on customer retention
  3. Carry your creative business cards EVERYWHERE
  4. Ask family and friends to give you a shoutout on Facebook
  5. Dominate social media
  6. Use promo videos on Facebook
  7. Network with other business owners in your industry
  8. Network with local businesses that compliment your products/ services
  9. Hand out promotional material to anyone who’ll take it
  10. Ask local businesses if you can place flyers or cards inside their location
  11. Host a giveaway with a popular blogger
  12. Collaborate with other businesses on social media
  13. Volunteer with a charity and ask for a shout out (after you’ve significantly benefitted them)
  14. Run a Facebook ad
  15. Take over a corner and hand out samples of your product
  16. Pin your brand’s infographics and checklists on Pinterest
  17. Create a bangin’ blog that will get people talking
  18. Engage with your customers on social media
  19. Be transparent with all of your customers
  20. Add your business to any relevant online directories
  21. Build and use your email list to your advantage
  22. Use affiliates to promote your products
  23. Post 70% nonpromotional content on your social media and 30% promotional (People are more likely to trust you when you’re not constantly talking about yourself.)
  24. Guest post on a popular blog
  25. Submit a popular blog post of your own to Huffington Post
  26. Join Facebook groups where other entrepreneurs/ bloggers hang out
  27. Position yourself as a subject matter expert
  28. Use click bait titles (that lead to awesome content)
  29. Use social sharing buttons in emails and on site pages and blog posts
  30. Comment on popular blogs that you find on Pinterest (and be genuine!)
  31. Do a webinar and promote it on Facebook to build your list and sell products
  32. Join an online networking group
  33. Join a blogging network
  34. Create or join a mastermind group with other entrepreneurs
  35. Ask popular or midlevel bloggers to promote your product for a significant commission
  36. Hype your audience up with a launch countdown
  37. Offer incentives for those who recommend your business to their friends and colleagues
Sure Ways To Grow A Professional Network https://endukt.com/sure-ways-to-grow-a-professional-network/ Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:35:43 +0000 http://melbournemanagementschool.com/?p=9074 Ways To Grow A Professional Network

Networking is a very important part of any entrepreneurship and should be given the kind of respect it deserves. For a large number of entrepreneurs, the idea of networking is one which involves giving out business cards and asking people to call them. That is what the world has made it look as but, in truth that is far from it. For some, the idea of networking is walking into a room full of people and shaking their hands as if it was the job of the day. It is more or less to some, an idea of someone trying to hustle money from others by selling them what they don’t even need.

But by the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about networking as it a good way for any serious entrepreneur to grow their business to the strong level they intended it to be when they first had that idea of going into the field.

For one to be able to do networking effectively, they will have to study and give it a lot of practice before engaging anyone. For the extroverts this may be an easy thing to do but, at times it takes a lot of practice and meeting and interacting with some people for one to get the hang of it. However, there are some useful tips that one can use to build their professional network and to make sure they don’t start it on a blind.

Making A List Of Everyone They Know

At times the best entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they aren’t well connected, this may be true in some cases, but at times they forget that they more people than they realize. The entrepreneur needs to sit down and make a list of the people they know before assuming they know no one in the business world. Just going through the list will enable the entrepreneur to find that probably they don’t need new connections as the ones they already have may be enough for them. Just thinking of college, companies they had earlier worked at and the list will grow even bigger adding that to the list of client’s known during their time as entrepreneurs the list can go on and on.

Friends Of Friends

The best and cheapest recommendations that one can have in the business world are from friends referring them to their friends. This list will always grow as long as the service being provided is one that is worth it. But, at times most entrepreneurs like to limit their networks to only the people they know have a relationship with. In networking, the more the people, the better and it is worth it in the long run as these connections turn out to be quality connections.

See And Be Seen

There is a famous saying that goes ‘out of sight and out of mind, ’ and no entrepreneur wants that to happen to them and their business. To be able to build a strong professional network then the entrepreneur needs to make sure that they see their network and their network sees them. The entrepreneur needs to be involved in groups that will appreciate their skill sets and be active in the said groups. The entrepreneur should attend charity events that they are sure they will grow their networks amongst other places. Also, they should be bold enough to ask for connections from the people who fit the profile they had set.

Grow The List Over Time

There is no need to network with people then not have a relationship with them as this will keep the network very small. The entrepreneur needs to know these people on a personal note and makes sure that they introduce some of their friends to the business as well so as to make sure that the network grows. The network shouldn’t be stark to one part for a long time it should be ever growing, and the only way that can happen is by keeping in touch with the already established network through phone calls, emails, and even letters.


At times people see the most successful entrepreneurs giving presentations at schools and feel it is a waste of time but that isn’t true. These entrepreneurs have realized the value of networking and will not waste a single moment they get to try and build their network so they can have friends and connections no matter where they go. These entrepreneurs would not despise any form of gathering whatever the number and if need be they will shake hands with everyone as if it was the job they were being paid to do. Any business without connections will not grow in the same way the one with connections with and also the favors that come these networks are not easily forgotten.