Sins Of Hiring


Hiring Mistakes

Some people are fast moving to the entrepreneurship field because more and more people are today more comfortable in following their passions. The best job that one can do is one they are passionate about and love it. Coupled with that kind of job bringing in rewards at the end of the day is one reason many especially young people are moving to the entrepreneurship market today. But, as much as entrepreneurship brings some advantages to the people involved it also brings some challenges. One challenge that is almost every entrepreneur has experienced is when it comes to hiring new talent to their company.

There are some things that any person can do when hiring and end up with the best talent or the worst considering which way they choose. Sometimes the methods give the entrepreneur the best talents, but they can’t get to hire the person because a competitor lured them before they joined. It can be a slippery slope when it comes to hiring new talents, and there are a thing that people should do when they are looking to hire people in their organization and not be piped to the catch by a competitor.

Taking A Backseat In The Hiring Process

Many entrepreneurs are very busy people because despite having to manage their company they also in most cases have families to take care of. Between that some things that they have to do on a daily basis they rarely have time to spare. Some of them will, however, go a notch higher by leaving the recruitment of new staff to their company to others. However, that shouldn’t be the case as they should take the front seat when it comes to recruiting since it is a very delicate task for the company and the company doesn’t want to end up with someone that is simply just good enough. The main focus of hiring should be to get the best talent that is out there, and the entrepreneur needs to take time off their busy schedule to make sure that talent that has been recruited is the best.

Overlooking Employee Referrals

When an employee recommends someone to the employer most of the employers seem to overlook this person simply because they think the employee may be just trying to put in a good word for someone they know. But, that shouldn’t be the case as a reference, especially from a stellar employee, may be just the way to get the best telnet that is out there. The employee knows the inner running’s of the company and as such would be able to provide the company with the best fit when referring. The employee referrals should be treated with the special treatment it deserves.

Falling For The Good Talker

The one part that most people have realized when hiring especially for the first time is that the best talker may not always be the best fit for the job. The candidate that seems to take everyone by a storm with their charisma and charm ends up being the one person that turns out to be the poor candidate. But, that is not to say that all the best talkers are necessarily poor when it comes to doing the job. Sometimes they must be the best fit. However, the smart must be taken with a lot of care, and the employer should be wary about hiring such a person.

Hiring Job Hoppers

Job hoppers are the riskiest people to employ because no one knows when they will leave the job to the next one. However, on the market today it is tough to define a job hopper because of some reasons. One of them is can you define someone as being a job hopper because they jumped from one –three or four jobs within ten years or less? Maybe the working conditions of the workplaces they have been havingn’t been favorable to them and with more people looking for employment in places they are most comfortable in one can’t blame them. That is not to not to go without saying that the job hoping type shouldn’t be hired with a very watchful eye since they may leave if the conditions don’t favor them or if they find a lucrative offer somewhere else.


Every employee is different, and the best way that one can find the best fit their company when employing is when they do their research well and consider advice from others, the recruitment process should be treated with the respect and special nature it requires. Employers should take time off when they are recruiting so as to make sure they employ the right person for the job and ensure that they don’t end up with the good enough type but the best there is in the market.

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