Sure Ways To Grow A Professional Network


Ways To Grow A Professional Network

Networking is a very important part of any entrepreneurship and should be given the kind of respect it deserves. For a large number of entrepreneurs, the idea of networking is one which involves giving out business cards and asking people to call them. That is what the world has made it look as but, in truth that is far from it. For some, the idea of networking is walking into a room full of people and shaking their hands as if it was the job of the day. It is more or less to some, an idea of someone trying to hustle money from others by selling them what they don’t even need.

But by the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about networking as it a good way for any serious entrepreneur to grow their business to the strong level they intended it to be when they first had that idea of going into the field.

For one to be able to do networking effectively, they will have to study and give it a lot of practice before engaging anyone. For the extroverts this may be an easy thing to do but, at times it takes a lot of practice and meeting and interacting with some people for one to get the hang of it. However, there are some useful tips that one can use to build their professional network and to make sure they don’t start it on a blind.

Making A List Of Everyone They Know

At times the best entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they aren’t well connected, this may be true in some cases, but at times they forget that they more people than they realize. The entrepreneur needs to sit down and make a list of the people they know before assuming they know no one in the business world. Just going through the list will enable the entrepreneur to find that probably they don’t need new connections as the ones they already have may be enough for them. Just thinking of college, companies they had earlier worked at and the list will grow even bigger adding that to the list of client’s known during their time as entrepreneurs the list can go on and on.

Friends Of Friends

The best and cheapest recommendations that one can have in the business world are from friends referring them to their friends. This list will always grow as long as the service being provided is one that is worth it. But, at times most entrepreneurs like to limit their networks to only the people they know have a relationship with. In networking, the more the people, the better and it is worth it in the long run as these connections turn out to be quality connections.

See And Be Seen

There is a famous saying that goes ‘out of sight and out of mind, ’ and no entrepreneur wants that to happen to them and their business. To be able to build a strong professional network then the entrepreneur needs to make sure that they see their network and their network sees them. The entrepreneur needs to be involved in groups that will appreciate their skill sets and be active in the said groups. The entrepreneur should attend charity events that they are sure they will grow their networks amongst other places. Also, they should be bold enough to ask for connections from the people who fit the profile they had set.

Grow The List Over Time

There is no need to network with people then not have a relationship with them as this will keep the network very small. The entrepreneur needs to know these people on a personal note and makes sure that they introduce some of their friends to the business as well so as to make sure that the network grows. The network shouldn’t be stark to one part for a long time it should be ever growing, and the only way that can happen is by keeping in touch with the already established network through phone calls, emails, and even letters.


At times people see the most successful entrepreneurs giving presentations at schools and feel it is a waste of time but that isn’t true. These entrepreneurs have realized the value of networking and will not waste a single moment they get to try and build their network so they can have friends and connections no matter where they go. These entrepreneurs would not despise any form of gathering whatever the number and if need be they will shake hands with everyone as if it was the job they were being paid to do. Any business without connections will not grow in the same way the one with connections with and also the favors that come these networks are not easily forgotten.

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