The importance of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing


Management processes that enhance knowledge sharing

Knowledge management is an integral component of each company. It entails frameworks set out by the organization designed to increase adoption of particular insights and practices that become the operating culture of the organization.

The leadership of an organization should be at the forefront to promote and encourage knowledge sharing. One of the ways of ensuring diffusion of insights and desirable practices is by rewarding those that actively participate and share information. Efforts of the workers who introduce bubbling ideas into the organization should be recognized and rewarded to inspire others to follow suit.

Leaders should promote a social culture in the organization to enhance dispersion of ideas among the workforce. Avenues for creation, retention, and transfer of knowledge by the workforce encouraged to including invention forums.

Use of cross-functional teams in knowledge management processes

A cross-functional team consists of a group of people in an organization, formed from different specialties that team up to enhance the achievement of a particular goal. Formation of such teams happens to be the most proficient method of knowledge sharing in an organization.

The interaction of these experts from different fields enhances maturity of decisions as ideas are brought to the table. They create all round strategies and well-formulated decisions. It introduces the essence of diversity in decision making, and hence half-baked decisions are ousted. Different people bring different building materials for the organization in the form of ideas.

Promotion of communication among the workforce to enhance knowledge sharing

Knowledge does not diffuse like gases. It requires a formalized system. The top leadership should find means of interlinking their workers and promoting communication among them to heighten the diffusion of ideas among the workforce.

Leaders should eliminate any stereotypes that castigate communication among the employees. Open forums and other platforms should be developed to facilitate the diffusion of knowledge among the employees. This is effective especially for workers in different departments who seldom get a chance to meet and share. The richer the communication network in the organization, the better the knowledge sharing levels.

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