What is Service Learning?


Service Learning so what exactly is it?

Service learning is one of the components that help people gain exceptional skills in community service. It is a tutoring and learning strategy which integrates meaningful community provision. Its aim is to provide instruction and reflection which would enrich the learning experience, teach civil responsibility, and strengthen communities. For most people, the desire to engage in activities that assist the society is realized through volunteer undertakings.

Why Service Learning?

In my case, I helped to prepare different activities organized by the various clubs of Miami Dade North Campus. I decided to do service learning at this place since I would have an opportunity to interact with students from diverse backgrounds. I believed that interaction with scholars would assist me to comprehend the various struggles which learners undergo in the pursuit of goal accomplishment. Further, my desire to do service learning in the institution was driven by the aspiration to involve students in community activities. Markedly, such students can apply the experience to their academic and personal development. I got interested in the region since I loved being in a classroom setting and wanted to work in a new environment. The fact that I was doing the services in an area occupied by students was crucial since it could impact the scholars’ academic learning. Moreover, the move would help the learners to apply in real life what they have studied in the classroom in a manner that assists them to achieve their dreams.

Service Learning a Positive Impact

A positive impact directed on academic outcomes such as demonstrated complexity of understanding, problem analysis, and critical thinking is necessary for enhancing an individual’s personal identity, spiritual growth, and moral development (Hunt & Colander, 2016). Therefore, my decision to involve students in service learning will enhance greater academic achievement, leadership skills, and the accomplishment of lifetime opportunities.

I volunteered in the student life department at Miami Dade College where I was mostly involved in activities involving aspects of transitional change for the youth. In particular, I helped prepare activities for students to go and interact as well as join clubs such as sports to enhance talent development. The aim of the project was to ensure a positive transformation of the youngsters in the society so that each student could achieve his/her career aspiration. In most cases, learners fail to succeed in life due to peer pressure and other immoral behaviors such as drug and substance abuse (Hunt & Colander, 2016).
However, assisting the scholars with advice which focuses on real-life situations is necessary since it helps them see the positive aspects of life. In this case, they are likely to work hard to achieve their desires. My project was related to the social environment class since it was connected with the performance of social services to students. The aim of the undertaking was to improve learners socially and intellectually.

Growing through Service Learning

Conclusively, service learning project is one of the components which help people to grow in the social and intellectual perspective. My project involved assisting students at Miami Dade North Campus. In the process, I contributed to the improvement of the students’ academic performance by engaging them in real-life experiences. Also, I helped them with the formation of skills such as problem analysis and critical thinking which are necessary for a person’s moral development. Therefore, I believe that my project was beneficial to scholars who are keen to accomplish a lot in their lives.


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